food from a different kind of box…

Once upon a time (and a short time ago it was, considering it was released in 2008), I watched the documentary “Food, Inc.”  and it stopped me dead in my processed food tracks.  While my mother made lots from scratch, she was a young housewife during the Swanson frozen dinner era, when convenience foods like jello gelatin first made their appearance.  I learned by example and, when I started my own family, went sprinting down the road toward packaged macaroni and cheese dinners.

In addition to other changes I’ve made within the last year, I recently joined a CSA (which stands for community supported agriculture) co-op.  Once I started talking with others, I discovered farm co-ops are becoming fairly common.  I bet if you Googled “CSA” + your town, you would find one.  I had multiple locations to choose from to pick up my box of surprise produce each week.  Talk about convenience food!  My co-op distribution begins the first week in June, and I’m anxious I can’t wait to open the box each week and see what I have to work with.

Each week  I will be posting a recipe or two based on what was in my box-both successes and failures.  Since I’ve never cooked with some produce, especially certain vegetables, it might get interesting.

A few words about meat.  For starters:  I eat it.  If you don’t, consider substituting tofu or tempeh, when possible, for recipes in which I use meat. I’m not a fan of tofu, so I’ve made the opposite substitution at times (switched out tofu for meat), with great results. I’m making efforts to switch to meats that only come from grass-fed, antibiotic-free, humanely operated farms; however, this is a work in progress since I have a large freezer and already had some meats which we are trying to frugally finish up.  I recently purchased a 1/4 of a grass fed cow and I can tell you the quality is wonderful.

I don’t like fussy food (unless someone else is cooking it!), so you can count on the recipes being thoughtful, simple, and easy to duplicate.


2 responses to “food from a different kind of box…

  1. Nice Elizabeth! I’ll be following your blog as you share your fiercely fresh journey. I may even have to steal a recipe or two from your collection. feel free to borrow or steal from mine as well!

  2. please learn how to make the grits from Acacia!!!!! oh yeah, and publish the recipe….duh.

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