You might be a photographer if…

This spontaneous non-food related post is brought to you by the changing season.

I once read a quote made by a professional photographer stating that just because a person takes photos, it does not make them a photographer, it makes them a camera owner.

So, what makes a person a photographer?  As someone who is predominately self-taught (thanks to the internet), I can say that in the past year I’ve personally seen an improvement in my eye for that “great shot”.  I see light as a separate entity.  My eyes frame up landscapes in thirds.  I constantly wish I had my camera along (a habit I haven’t adopted quite yet).

I’ve been driving by this sugar maple on the way to the grocery store the past few weeks.  There are a line of sugar maples along this particular road, but this one was the most brilliant shade of red I’ve ever seen.  Sadly, we had a sugar maple in our backyard that fell victim to Hurricane Isabelle and I’ve missed that tree greatly.  This past Saturday, my husband and I were headed out on a breezy day and I asked him to pull over so I could take some photos, fearing that the leaves would be gone with the wind in the next day or so.  He happily obliged, pulling over on the shoulder of a fairly busy street so that I could jump out, run across traffic and spend 10 minutes shooting the tree up.


The next time you are driving down the street and you see some crazy lady with her face in a tree…

….taking long shots of fences

…photographing a street sign

Yup.  It’s probably me.


2 responses to “You might be a photographer if…

  1. Brilliant Photos……

  2. stunning colour of the maple tree. I’ll be sad to see fall’s leaves go! and bravo for taking shots like these!

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