Tip their mouths to the open sky…

“Tip their mouths open to the sky.   
Turquoise, amber,
the deep green with fluted handle,   
pitcher the size of two thumbs,   
tiny lip and graceful waist.”       -Naomi Shihab Nye

A quick post not of the usual food stuff…

I was poking about in my basement and came across this old pitcher.  My great aunt, who was quite artistic, made this.  She was an excellent painter, potter, and all around crafter.

At one time, this sat on top of a hutch in my kitchen and I’m not quite sure when I decided that it didn’t  fit the decor.  Everything old is new again, though, as vintage continues to be “hip”.  While I’m still not quite sure it fits, I’ve dusted it off and continue to wonder over its striking detail.

Thought I’d share…



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