Highlighting National Salad Month

Apparently, May is National Salad Month.

I mean, seriously…who makes these (fake-ish) holidays up?

If you ever needed an excuse to have a salad well, then, I guess this is it.  I’ve decided to follow the example of some of my fellow bloggers and highlight some of my favorite past salad recipes.

1. bean and romaine salad with honey balsamic dressing

I love bean salad during the summer months at a picnic.  It’s a healthy, lighter alternative to the mayonnaise laden variety salads we’re all used to.  Change up the ingredients depending on what you have on hand.

2.  atonement chopped salad with two kinds of dressing

The point here isn’t that I felt the need to make salad because I had (cough, cough) eaten poorly.  The point is that you should always make your own salad dressing.  It’s so easy in a blender and, for crying out loud, you know what the ingredients are and you can control what goes in it, thereby eliminating the need to ask “what is xanthan gum and why is it in my salad dressing??”

 3.  Super protein salad with lemony vinaigrette 

 Another bean salad…my husband says the vinaigrette absolutely makes this salad pop with flavor.  With spinach, chickpeas, and hard cooked egg, it really is packed with protein.  This salad tastes like summer to me!

Salads take a little prep work, but are so worth it.  You also might want to try this one or this one.

Happy National Salad Month!

What is your favorite salad?


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