GryffinSee that little guy up there?

He is the reason I haven’t been cooking this week.

We started looking for a dog, quite casually, before Christmas.  We’ve been dog-free for a long time.  When our longtime pet died about 7 years ago, I was done.  We were so wrapped up in the kids, we decided to hold off for a while.

But my husband’s been ready…just waiting on me to come around.

He’s here now…Gryffin.  Named in part after the mythological creature/part Harry Potter reference.  And let me tell you, he’s a been a full time job so far.

This weekend we are headed south for warmer temperatures, leaving behind a possible snowstorm (Can you see my happy dance from there?).  In the meantime, I’m leaving you with a mix I made on 8Tracks called Summer.  It’s a collection of songs that remind me of my favorite season-some for obvious reasons, some not.  I listen to it in the winter, too, and am transported  to a warmer time.

Next week my daughter will be taking some time from her blog, A Bohemian Queen, to share with you here.  Not sure what she has in store, but I know it will be awesome.

See you in a couple of weeks.  Stay warm.


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  1. Gryffin looks like the best sort of friend – floofy, loyal and up for anything!

    Have a most wonderful break…

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