The weeping cherry tree in the front yard finished bloomingweeping cherry

white pants before Memorial Day.  I’m such a maverick! (not)converse and white pants

don’t usually wear nail color, but loving this one lately-Pilates hottie by Essie

breakfast: egg white scramble with cremini mushrooms, toast with cremed honey, fresh squeezed orange juicebreakfast

Sometime during every Washington Capitals home game (usually the third period), the “Unleash the Fury” video clip is played and whips the crowd into a frenzy!  

We got to go to game two of the playoffs, Caps vs Rangers.  Caps won in OT!caps playoff

After game pizza at Fuel while waiting for the Metro crowds to die downFuel

Saw this  in the garage while walking to my car after work.  I needed that laugh!Jeep

My B/W sunflower photo looks kinda like an eye

Ziggy’s favorite place to curl up lately-right in the middle of my thinking spacecuddly Ziggy

Only 10 months after buying the new car I was rear-ended by a new driver 😦IMG_3053

Trying to root some clippings of this Vinca for my flower boxesIMG_3064Preach, Bloo!
BlooOn the Metro heading to the Caps game


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