Atwater's jamMother’s Day gift:  Pear and star anise jam from Atwater’s

Gypsy Queen cafeThe melt-in-your mouth pork nachos from this truck might cause me to become a stalker!

IMG_1387Remnant of an interesting old doorway in Clipper Mill
Baltimore RocksAbandoned building.  Wondering what this used to be.
Union Craft Brewerygathering at Union Craft Brewing
garage This is what the garage looks like when you get off work at 11:30 pmIMG_1393 Twice a year:  out with the old season and in with the newGuacweekly Friday afternoon happy hour date Rumor Mill Late night tapas and Lazy Susan cocktails (in honor of Preakness) at the Rumor Milfloral shoesLeading in the category of “beautiful shoes that I have no business buying because I’ll never wear them”Ansel AdamsWatched this fascinating documentary.  I have three print reproductions hanging in my hallway and new visitors to the house sometimes ask “Did you take those?” One of these times I’m just going to say yes (as if!).BooksThe weekly reads


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