Tempting with figs”/David Caffaro Estate Vineyard/Napa Valley, California, 2007

This blog started as a seed.

A while back, I decided to join a CSA (community supported agriculture).  I was so excited about it, I mentioned to my daughter that I had been kicking  about the idea of starting a blog in which I would document my local eating journey.  At that point, it really was just a passing fancy of an idea.

My daughter sent me a text a couple of days later:  “I’ve been thinking about your blog idea and I think it would be great.  I would totally read that”.

And so…

A little over a month later I picked up my first CSA share and started to create simple recipes based on each week’s produce treasures.  What began as a seed has bloomed into a burning love for photography and delicious, clean, local food.

last year-in exchange for my share- I started working on the farm that supplies over 700 people in my county with fresh, locally grown organic fruit and vegetables.  Yes, I literally work for food.

Enjoy and eat up!


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