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I may have a slight obsession with vanity plates.
Lawman I’m not usually a tea drinker, but this day it seemed right.Tea Can’t wait to install these on the grill.  Cooks who say they don’t like/need fancy gadgets are lying!grilllitWas going to save this for the beach, but already started it.  Has anyone read it?
book Chesapeake Bay BridgeBay BridgeThe first of probably a hundred tomato sandwiches that will be consumed this summer.
tomato sandwiche Figs, pistachios, lavender honey and goat cheese.  You know…just an appetizer.akinator I am addicted to the app, akinator!IMG_1610 Missed this guy for the past two weeksZigsA quiet celebration
birthdayAt 48, my brother became a first-time dad!  Brooke



Stayed at our first pet-friendly hotel.  Ziggy was not impressed (he slept with on the bed with us, per usual)IMG_1572 First watermelon of the season!watermelon dessert at Portalli’s:  chocolate coconut martiniIMG_1538three engagements and one wedding on the same day at the vineyard
wedding crashers it was the kind of day you want to raise the roofmoon roofgrilled my first whole chicken.  It was so succulent!
grilled chicken Saw my first MLB game in a while-the Orioles swept the Yankees in a three game series!IMG_1582 Ziggy’s favorite riding spotIMG_1555 for my husband who doesn’t like selfies:  Leave me alone.  I’m only speaking to my dog today.don't speak to me saw this sign while we were driving through the Virginia countryside looking for somewhere to grab breakfast…wicked good…which led to this wicked good breakfast choice!
lobster rolls street lamps at the vineyardIMG_3492 cool looking cloudsclouds gerbera daisiesdaisies blue ridge mountainsblue ridge mountains beautiful sunset, but my husband needs to clean his windshield!IMG_1567 this guy was amazing!  In addition to the guitar, he played harmonica, flute, and some mouth organ thing-y.musician cute bomb!Ziggy


Fish eye Trying out an iPhone 5 fish eye lens.  Makes my feet look huge!blueberry waffle Blueberry whole wheat waffles for our son’s last breakfast home before shipping off to the grandparentstomatoes The tomatoes are just starting to emerge (Please no pests, please no pests, please no…)Brewers Art Finally made it to this place!  I thought I liked the Resurrection Ale before, but now Ozzy is my favorite!strawberries Sadly, these are the only local strawberries I’ve had this year.  We weren’t able to get out to pick and the season has been cut short by rain.ancient cell phone Doing some cleaning and came across this old cell phone.  It looks so archaic now!pillow coverThis beautiful pillow cover from this Etsy shop.  Thinking about ordering another!


fartsIn the houses where teenage boys reside, fart jokes are funny
sith lorda sith lord lives among us, apparently
Kinfolk morning coffee with the new Kinfolk magazineBlue Balls Got these vintage-y blue Ball jars at Target. A new drink recipe may be in the works!berries from the B’more farmers market

Food Market

at the one year anniversary celebration of the Food Market in Hampden
Breezy Willow back to work this week at the farm!hip to be square

back to square onebreakfast best breakfast sandwich duck pizza

duck pizza and Resurrection ale on the rooftop at Cacao Lane 

Iphone panoramas just look weird
more honeyout of this AMAZING, DELICIOUS creamed honey given to me by a coworker.  Must.  Get.  More.



Boh-tiniChecking this one off the list: I tried a Boh-tini- National Bohemian beer with an Old Bay rimmed glass.  So Baltimore!
Amelie My darling granddaughterdeck The outside space is shaping upDr. Who My son’s piano recital pieceKimchiadventures in kimchi
Breaux This stunning photo of Breaux vineyards.  I didn’t realize at the time how well it turned out!breakfast Breakfast from the Blacksauce Kitchen food truck:  Brisket, free range egg, arugula on homemade biscuitflowersbeauty at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market Bazaar
cake pops Cute cake pops for a baby showerdad's chairMy father passed away in 1999.  This was his favorite chair. Now it’s in my brother’s baby’s nursery.  Way cool.
juice prepprepping for the morning juice
PB & P PB & P treats for the piano recital.  May have to put these on the blog.  

before the recital Before the recital.  If you have 4 minutes and want to watch a video, it’s here.

I’m having a blog-aversary!

 After two years of blogging (wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long!), I’m updating the site.  Thanks for taking this journey with me and I hope you’ll be back to see the fresh look (pun intentional!).


Atwater's jamMother’s Day gift:  Pear and star anise jam from Atwater’s

Gypsy Queen cafeThe melt-in-your mouth pork nachos from this truck might cause me to become a stalker!

IMG_1387Remnant of an interesting old doorway in Clipper Mill
Baltimore RocksAbandoned building.  Wondering what this used to be.
Union Craft Brewerygathering at Union Craft Brewing
garage This is what the garage looks like when you get off work at 11:30 pmIMG_1393 Twice a year:  out with the old season and in with the newGuacweekly Friday afternoon happy hour date Rumor Mill Late night tapas and Lazy Susan cocktails (in honor of Preakness) at the Rumor Milfloral shoesLeading in the category of “beautiful shoes that I have no business buying because I’ll never wear them”Ansel AdamsWatched this fascinating documentary.  I have three print reproductions hanging in my hallway and new visitors to the house sometimes ask “Did you take those?” One of these times I’m just going to say yes (as if!).BooksThe weekly reads


The weeping cherry tree in the front yard finished bloomingweeping cherry

white pants before Memorial Day.  I’m such a maverick! (not)converse and white pants

don’t usually wear nail color, but loving this one lately-Pilates hottie by Essie

breakfast: egg white scramble with cremini mushrooms, toast with cremed honey, fresh squeezed orange juicebreakfast

Sometime during every Washington Capitals home game (usually the third period), the “Unleash the Fury” video clip is played and whips the crowd into a frenzy!  

We got to go to game two of the playoffs, Caps vs Rangers.  Caps won in OT!caps playoff

After game pizza at Fuel while waiting for the Metro crowds to die downFuel

Saw this  in the garage while walking to my car after work.  I needed that laugh!Jeep

My B/W sunflower photo looks kinda like an eye

Ziggy’s favorite place to curl up lately-right in the middle of my thinking spacecuddly Ziggy

Only 10 months after buying the new car I was rear-ended by a new driver 😦IMG_3053

Trying to root some clippings of this Vinca for my flower boxesIMG_3064Preach, Bloo!
BlooOn the Metro heading to the Caps game