Fish eye Trying out an iPhone 5 fish eye lens.  Makes my feet look huge!blueberry waffle Blueberry whole wheat waffles for our son’s last breakfast home before shipping off to the grandparentstomatoes The tomatoes are just starting to emerge (Please no pests, please no pests, please no…)Brewers Art Finally made it to this place!  I thought I liked the Resurrection Ale before, but now Ozzy is my favorite!strawberries Sadly, these are the only local strawberries I’ve had this year.  We weren’t able to get out to pick and the season has been cut short by rain.ancient cell phone Doing some cleaning and came across this old cell phone.  It looks so archaic now!pillow coverThis beautiful pillow cover from this Etsy shop.  Thinking about ordering another!


3 responses to “Lately…

  1. iphone 5? I’m still trying to work out how to use my iphone 3!

  2. Good lucking tomatoes…hopefully it will be a good growing season for you.

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