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turkey zucchini burgers with roasted red pepper ketchup

turkey burgerTurkey burgers can be very dry, and many of the recipes I’ve seen for them use shredded apple to add moisture.  This recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem cookbook (my current favorite and most dog-eared cookbook) uses that abundant summer vegetable, zucchini.  It’s ridiculously flavorful thanks to the mint/cilantro/cumin seasoning combination and has a little bit of a bite to it. Continue reading


Tequila marinated steak

“My favorite animal is steak” – Fran Leibowitz

Sometimes a girl just needs some meat.

My very occasional encounter with meat is usually of the burger variety (and even then, I’m quite satisfied with the leaner bison burger).  But now that grilling season is upon us, sometimes a girl also wants a steak. Continue reading

grilled Maryland Rockfish with peach habanero salsa

This recipe is dedicated to a good friend of mine.  Her husband underwent an emergency triple bypass a few months back and their family has been attempting to modify their diet.  This means that she has been trying new, health-conscious recipes (yay!).

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tequila mustard glazed grilled chicken skewers

I don’t post many recipes including meat (or, in this case, poultry), but the wonderful weather here on the east coast finds me preparing dinner outside most evenings.

…a cold bottle of beer in one hand, the condensation dripping  from my fingers.

…a really long barbecue turner or pair of tongs in the other hand.

…1 little summer music-some Vampire Weekend or Alabama Shakes?

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